Directorio Teatro Lambayecano: How to lose a girlfriend in 20 days

Friday, December 13, 2013

How to lose a girlfriend in 20 days

Happened to Felipe. "Clémence" Nannette lived, but when she most needed him, he became the material lying around.

These two I empaté them. Tired of wailing Nannette and the cynicism of Felipe I tell guille Celestina and presented them. Since then, together. Up and down - and not me Doña Gertrudis take to evil. You have given you so I am libertine and very sexual. From where?
All marching honey on pancakes. Really loving the Felipe. Too much, according to Nanette. There was no message text or phone call that man concluded with the vaunted and feared phrase: "I love you". Feared, because to tell it, there is much fear, but when is loose, then it becomes a crutch. Vaunted because it becomes exaggerated, repetitive. And there's the detail, you don't have to repeat it is put it into action.
Never missed flowers and dinners. Related at all... everything. Fans of Barcelona, the Yankees and the Heat. Enthusiasts of the ribs of lamb, of the ménage à Trois - wine, Doña Gertrudis, wine-; the peaches of Costco, the scent of lavender in the pillows, the crusty bread with butter, Edam cheese, Sarah Brightman, Mozart, Garcia Marquez and Botero.
The problems began in June, after a year and a half relationship. The reason? Little solidarity man came out.
While she lived a labor schism in his employment, he received a promotion. Emotional stability it went to the ground, and the ego, to the clouds.
Women safe and clear of their things, felt vulnerable and called for his help. And, in his new career she forgot it. He simply told him that he handled the situation, which he did not have time and vanished. The Earth swallowed him.
Love is deflated in twenty days. All those "I love you" the wind took them away. In twenty days he saw it more. He picheaba her calls and texts. Hopefully her friends and her family heard it, gave him their full support and got up to a new job.
And now that Nannette is happy, who calls it all the time? Exact. That same. But the woman, clearly. His corn, nor a grain.
I don't know about you, but I prefer genuine affection and pure gestures of solidarity that those "I love you" lie, repeated such Magpies in heat. Ciao!

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